Monday, 29 June 2009

Front got wide

Had a RARE few hours spare tonight so cracked on with fitting the kit.

Old front wings came off and out came a fair amount of Llandow/Lydden/Norfolk from last year.

New wings went on fairly easily, I've never fitted over fenders/front fenders before so it was a learning experience. I did a better job on the passenger side which I did second so I'm going to go back and tweak the driver's side a bit more - I'm a fussy bugger with panel gaps and the driver's side is a 1 or 2mm too close to the bonnet edge but thats easily remedied.

It wasn't until I parked the car up for the evening that I realised I hadn't done the front-most bolt up on the passenger side so the front is dropping down, as shown in this last picture.

Overall I'm very pleased with the fitment and quality of them! A bit more time and they'll be perfect. I would have had them finished by this evening but my car sprung a fuel leak between the hard-line in the bay and the FPR - it was pissing EVERYWHERE! So I had to spend ages fixing that - its OK for now but I really need to source a new section of fuel line.

I also offered the rear fenders up but couldn't do much because I really need the car on the ramp with wheels off to crack on with them. The rear lip on them is HUGE though so needs trimming right down for the wheel fitment I want. The car is going to look so wide from the back with the rear fenders I have and a fairly subtle rear bumper and skirts.:nod:

Hopefully more to come tommorrow evening!

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