Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Old People

I think old people are actually AWESOME. I was speaking to some old people today and I realised how much I love old people. They are pretty much always friendly, pretty much always polite and pretty much always really interesting to talk to. I strongly believe in respecting your elders.

What worries me is the way non-old people* are in the modern age. Non-old people are increasingly moody, selfish and ignorant.

It worries me because some day they will be someone else's 'old people'.

At the same time I'm writing this some 15 year old fat chav gets airtime on TV because she got pregnant at 14 and in the 15 year old father-to-be's words 'I don't care about anyone else'. Pretty much sums up the current generation's ethos.

Long live old people.

*I didn't want to say 'young people' because that makes me sound old.


db-photography said...

Best post ever jord. :D

Ruiz XIII said...

Also old people usually have such cool stories or info to share.
Back in the day stuff.

Much respect to them.