Saturday, 13 December 2008

More Yellow!

Bryn of taff*tune just picked up this SWEET R32 Bananaliner.
Seems yellow is gonna be BIG.

Makes me think twice about spraying my car grey, maybe a bright colour would work better?


Anonymous said...

ah man, don't paint your car gray!!

You need a BRIGHT colour.

more photos will be taken.
More kids will like it.
More points at the comps.

Jord said...

Its a dilemma :(

Bryn said...

I was going to respray this one grey.. but it has too much of an identity in yellow allready. So yellow it's staying! Its badass.

Quail said...

This car has seriously grown on me now!

Ayasha Kieth said...

My car looks like a wretched now! Upon seeing this post, I was thinking if I will be spraying it with touch of yellow.

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