Sunday, 26 October 2008

Strip Tease PS13

Pulled the car into the workshop to start doing a few bits to it. Mostly need to get the new dashboard in and get the interior painted.

Sticker-tune - limited run sparkley red Jimmy-Up. Cheers Mike Mancuso from JimmyUp.

Old dash out.

I also removed the loom for the climate control to chop it up and extenderate it at home for the relocation in the armrest. No pictures, wires aren't sexy.

I try and only photograph sexy stuff. That is all.


Anonymous said...

Hey, what kind of cage is that?
Carbing maybe?

It is a through-dash setup eh?

I just put in my safety21 through dash. It was interesting figuring it out on a Left Hand Drive car.

looks good!!

Jordan Butters said...

Fabricage through dash setup. Its interesting figuring out where to cut the dash the first time!

Ruiz XIII said...

Looks Cool!

REVGASM said...

beautiful homie!!!

shit looks raw

Anonymous said...

Sweet car, love that color dude..